Business Planning


Business Planning

In the world of Entrepreneurship, strategic planning comes in many shapes. Businesses that flourish and outlast competitors are those who prepare for the future and have developed a road map to reach their company’s goals. Below are a few tools the ISBDC offers to assist in the development of strategic plans. Since every entrepreneur and business is unique, we offer a wide variety of strategic planning tools to help our clients develop solid plans within reasonable time constraints.


Launching Your Own Business: A Sound and Proven Path Workbook

Starting a business is something that many people dream of, but turning a loose plan or grand idea into reality is never easy and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

A Sound and Proven Path Towards Launching Your Own Business will help you analyze your business idea and perform an initial business feasibility analysis. It will ask the tough questions — the ones you need to be able to answer before hanging out your sign.

This workbook will make you take a hard look at potential pitfalls, underestimated strengths, and more nuts and bolts of starting your own business. It will guide you through market, management and money considerations. It can help guide you toward the development of a sound business plan and the acquisition of financing.

To purchase “A Sound and Proven Path Towards Launching Your Own Business,” contact your local ISBDC office.

The ISBDC’s Small Business Owner’s Guides Page include a free excerpt from “A Sound and Proven Path Towards Launching Your Own Business.”




The ISBDC offers SmallBizNavigator to help entrepreneurs secure financing, attract partners and investors, and increase the odds of success. Increase your sales by realizing what differentiates you from your competition, identify your market, and create a plan to reach that market.

How to Begin

1. Visit
2. Take a tour through the components of a feasibility, business, and marketing plan.
3. Sign up online or contact your local ISBDC office to set up an account and start your plans.


SmallBizU eLearning University


The ISBDC and Fifth Third Bank are excited to be offering SmallBizU eLearning University at no-cost to ISBDC clients. This online learning tool offers three products which provide entrepreneurs with real-world skills and information; preparing entrepreneurs to start stronger, grow faster, and work smarter.

Visit to begin.

Your Business Plan Workbook

Looking for a bare-bone business plan workbook? Look no further. In 100 pages, “Your Business Plan Workbook” will lead you through the complete business plan writing process. Once finished, you will have developed a road map towards obtaining your long-term entrepreneurial goals. To learn more about this workbook contact your local ISBDC office.

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