The Combine 2014




The Combine 2014

3 days of workshops, presentations, networking, tours and parties will bring together hundreds of entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, creatives, and coders from across the country to inspire community, culture, creativity, capital and code in Bloomington, IN. This is The Combine 2014.

The Combine will feature Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, along with experts in the design and digital space. Along with renowned speakers, the event will include workshops so you can dig into specific topics. The Combine is not your typical conference, however, as there will be a chance for presentations “for a strict total of 5 minutes to speak about anything awesome.” Also, at LobbyCon during Saturday afternoon attendees will be able to check out demos, games, start-ups, and tech business support opportunities. You can cap off Saturday by rocking out at the Bluebird with 5 Year Mission, a Star Trek themed rock band.

The Combine will be held in Bloomington, IN this Friday, April 11 – Sunday, April 13.

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Jerome Lodovisi

Jerome Lodovisi is the Product Champion for inSource Code. Before joining inSource Code, he was the Informatics and Marketing Specialist for the ISBDC. Jerome graduated with B.S. in Informatics from Indiana University attending IUPUI. Jerome is originally from Crown Point, IN and currently lives in Indianapolis.
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