Don’t Sell Anything, Just Add a Cat




Don’t Sell Anything, Just Add a Cat

A dynamic speaker at the 2014 ASBDC Conference, Eric Spellmann, Spellmann and Associates, just announced that customer retention through the use of social media might just happen through a cat. Read on and I’ll explain.

The object of using social media is to never let your customer forget you. Social media is NOT to sell a thing!  It is NOT a one way megaphone!  It is, however, to promote interaction from your readers – so let’s give them something to interact about.

The perfect post should contain:

  1. Information
  2. Call to Action
  3. Invitation to Interaction

The psychological reason that Facebook works is that everyone wants to be relevant.  Ask for their opinion. People enjoy sharing.

Remember that everyone on the Internet is lazy and has ADD. I must fall in that category because I would much rather watch a video than read a lengthy instruction manual. Video will get watched when text may not get read. Posting video on your business Facebook page doesn’t have to be professionally done or expensive. Get out your smartphone, turn it sideways and make a video. Amateur is real.

Get creative and apply some fun strategies. How about . . .

  • Zoom in tight on one of your products, ask viewers to guess what it is, award a prize.
  • Show what equipment you use in your business, eg lathes, exercise equipment, baking pans, coffee roaster, etc., show how it’s made.
  • Ask for photos of a customer using your product, wearing or using your product, or even funny uses.

Use the social media that fits your targeted audience. Gen Y or Millenials are on Twitter while Gen X and Baby Boomers (especially women) are on Facebook. Just remember you’re looking for interaction from your reader. Give them a reason to respond.

Some of the most watched videos feature funny felines. So whether you dress up Fluffy or teach Mittens to dance, post it!

Vicki Hollanders

Having been in the economic development arena for a long time, Vicki Hollanders has a passion for making Indiana businesses successful. From budding entrepreneurs to established, long time businesses, she loves to help them get started on the right track, grow, look for new markets, and innovative ways to make Indiana businesses great. Vicki likes to get to the basics and put herself at the level with the client to walk alongside them in their entrepreneurial journey. Her areas of focus over the years have been government contracting and marketing, and the state’s incentive programs. Her work currently as a Business Advisor for the Indiana Small Business Development Center puts her on the road as a circuit rider for the eight south central counties known as the Radius Region. She brings free, confidential, one-on-one business assistance in developing business plans, financial analysis, strategic planning, and locating funding sources.
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