Golf Wear for Women That Isn’t Just for the Golf Course!




Golf Wear for Women That Isn’t Just for the Golf Course!

Wear To Win, owned by mother-and-daughter Cindy and Laura Ormson, is a result of Laura’s determination to have fashionable clothing available for young women golfers.  Laura has golfed, along with her sister, for most of her life.  Although there are strict rules for apparel worn on the golf course, she didn’t feel it had to be boring.  While attending Wake Forest, Laura focused on entrepreneurship studies and decided it was time to make the assignments more than just a simple exercise…and Wear To Win started to become more than a dream.  Mother and daughter worked tirelessly with professors from the University as well as the North Central ISBDC, to get the business started in September 2008—while Laura was still in school!  Designing, pattern-making, choosing fabrics, identifying manufacturers, creating a website, launching the on-line business, coordinating direct sales initiatives, planning marketing activities, bringing on an additional employee—all have been phases of the business Cindy and Laura have had to address and the ISBDC offered support and guidance every step of the way.  They were quick to attend several workshops, met regularly with a business advisor, and took full advantage of the ISBDC’s resource network—currently using a website designer they met through the Center.  Cindy and Laura have found their fashions have a much wider appeal than just on the golf course and are popular with female golfers of all ages.  A “winning” duo, a “winning” business!

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