HMS Midwest Keeps Physicians’ Offices Running Smoothly



HMS Midwest Keeps Physicians’ Offices Running Smoothly

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With the help of the HMS Midwest team, physicians are better equipped  to focus on their patients.

As a health care management consulting firm, the company handles such services as payroll, personnel, property management, design, financial and retirement planning.

Husband-and-wife team Tracy and Jeff Freeze now have clients in five states, specializing in small physician practices.

“We are unique because we are able to do all of (these services). There are other businesses out there that can do one segment of management but we can do all of it located in our offices,” said Tracy, president of HMS Midwest.

Launched 16 years ago, the company has adapted to the ebb-and-flow of the business world. It was during a recent growth spurt that the couple sought the help of the SBDC.

“We wanted additional insight into how we could manage changes,” Tracy said.

“The consultant laid out a roadmap for how we could grow the business successfully by adding staff and  developing processes to really maintain the quality of services that HMS has always delivered but do so on a larger scale,” added Jeff, vice president of operations.

In the future, Jeff said the staff will assist physicians with the changing health care industry.

“We look forward to helping independent physicians navigate the health care legislation currently coming out of Washington and develop processes to handle the investment in technology they are going to have to make and really, how to continue to practice medicine on their own if they choose to do so,” Jeff said.

For more information, visit the HMS-Midwest, LLC website.

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