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All Kids Can Therapy Services

Jacqueline Overpeck owns All Kids Can Therapy Services LLC. in Madison, Indiana. This small clinic, which is for kids only, offers physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy for children with injuries and special needs. All Kids Can also provides First Steps Services in the home for children who are 0 to 3 years of age. All children are welcome to attend Open Playtime throughout the week, and All Kids Can even schedules birthday parties on weekends.


Before opening her own business, Jacqueline worked at a hospital as a physical therapist for six years. She wanted there to be a place where just kids could go to play and get their physical therapy. At the time, most children had to drive out of Madison, sometimes quite a distance, to get physical and occupational therapy. With her experience and passion for children with special needs, she decided to open a place of her own.

The mission at All Kids Can is to provide kids and their families, especially children who have special needs, with a place where they can learn, grow and feel safe. All Kids Can believes that play is the building block for learning.

When asked what Jacqueline enjoys the most about her business, a flood of answers came to her mind. She said, “There is so much I enjoy about my business. I love working with children and seeing them learn and accomplish new things every day. There is nothing better than that.” While Jacqueline oversees all aspects of her business, her favorite part is working with the children and seeing their joy when they play and learn new things.

Having a small business, Jacqueline is sometimes faced with obstacles and challenges to overcome. The first three to six months were the hardest for the business. Her biggest challenge is making sure she has the finances to have everything the kids need and give her employees what they deserve. Overall, Jacqueline finds that things always seem to work out for her business, and she feels very blessed.


All Kids Can Therapy Services LLC. opened their doors one month after signing a lease and ordering equipment. They officially began seeing patients in October 2010.  All Kids Can started out with just one employee. They have experienced tremendous growth and now employ eight workers. From year two to year three, Jacqueline’s business increased income by 50%. Since opening in late 2010, All Kids Can has seen over 220 patients.

All Kids Can Therapy Services LLC. has provided their community with a safe and fun place for kids to receive physical and occupational therapy and so much more.

Jacqueline has been a client of the Southeast ISBDC since August 2010. She said, “Everything that goes into starting and growing a small business is so expensive. The Southeast ISBDC was a great resource because they are affordable and supportive.” She says that Blayr Barnard, Regional Director, has been a phenomenal advocate from the beginning. She also worked with Bryan Potter, Business Advisor, and says that he helped her get the line of credit she needed to expand her business.

Bryan said, “Jacqueline is dedicated to her community and the children she serves. Her new location will help her expand the services that she can offer to the community.”

“It has been a pleasure working with Jacqueline Overpeck at All Kids Can since she started her business in Madison. After winning the 2010 EDGE Awards for Emerging Business, I’ve followed her closely and can now see how her business has blossomed with this new expansion. Her facility is amazing with open play spaces, sensory walls and an interactive gym that has my son excited for a trip to Madison. The best part about helping All Kids Can was the opportunity to see a mother and daughter almost in tears talking about how important the company was to their daughter’s quality of life at the City of Madison City Council Meeting. You know a company is doing it right when their customers not only advocate for them, but do it with emotion and end with hugs,” Barnard said of Jacqueline.

For more information, visit the All Kids Can Therapy Services website.

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