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Mauck Towing and Recovery

Jeff Mauck and Michelle Mauck are some of the most positive, hardworking people around. Together, they own Mauck Towing and Recovery located in Borden, Indiana. They are fully certified, insured and bonded for light, medium & heavy duty hauling/towing, roadside assistance and collateral recovery services.

Before becoming successful entrepreneurs, Jeff and Michelle worked for many years at Cummins Inc., where they met. Jeff and Michelle had the idea to get into the towing and recovery industry when they built their home in Borden. They realized that Borden lacked a towing company, and that, in fact, there wasn’t one for 20 miles. Like most other small businesses, Mauck Towing and Recovery faced challenges and obstacles in the beginning. For their first 11 months of business, Jeff and Michelle parked their wrecker in their driveway and operated their business from home. It was hard to get the word out about Mauck Towing and Recovery until they found a great location for their wrecker and sign: on highway 60 in Borden. Now, customers and future customers don’t have to wonder where to find this successful towing company.

MauckPhotoThe mission at Mauck Towing and Recovery is to provide affordable and quick services to all of their customers. When your car breaks down, Mauck wants to make your day better. Mauck Towing and Recovery strives to get their customers back on the road as quickly and inexpensively as possible. They do not charge extra on the weekends. According to Jeff, when customers call to compare prices, they always call back satisfied to find that their prices are indeed fair and affordable. Their number one priority is customer satisfaction.

“Customers always come back because of our prices and dedication to customer satisfaction.”

When asked what Jeff enjoys best about his business, he laughed and said, “I physically like hauling cars.” He said that he enjoys taking part of the stressful repair process of off his customers’ minds. He likes being able to help his customers get back on the road and back to their busy days. The only thing Jeff and Michelle don’t enjoy about their business . . . not enough of it. They love being busy helping as many customers as they can.

Mauck Towing and Recovery is experiencing significant growth. This year, their sales are expected to quadruple from last year’s sales. In addition, they plan to contribute to their community by offering jobs and becoming a great employer.

Jeff and Michelle have been clients of the Southeast ISBDC since January 2013, where they were advised by Regional Director Blayr Barnard.  Jeff said, “If it were not for Blayr and the ISBDC, we would still be trying to figure everything out on our own. Blayr pointed us in the right direction. She seemed to act as a spiritual advisor, not just a business advisor. The ISBDC helped us focus on the long-term goals of opening our business so that we didn’t obsess over the long, slow details.”

“Jeff and Michelle worked hard planning for months on this project before taking the plunge. They made strategic decisions and are working hard to make Mauck Towing and Recovery a success with local lenders, auto shops and dealerships,” Barnard said of Jeff and Michelle.

Kelsey Brown

Kelsey Brown, Marketing Coordinator, began working at the Southeast ISBDC in August 2012. Kelsey develops newsletters, press releases and flyers to inform clients and the public about ISBDC news and upcoming events. She interviews clients and develops weekly Client Highlight stories. She also writes posts for our social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Kelsey enjoys assisting in the planning processes for ISBDC events. Kelsey is currently pursuing a degree in Marketing and Management at Indiana University Southeast. Kelsey is proud to be on the Chancellor’s list for her hard work.
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