Financial Reports


Financial Reports

ISBDC clients now have access to a world-class financial diagnostic tool developed by SageWorks, the leader in the financial analysis of privately-held companies. Develop a better understanding of what your financial statements are telling you about the health of your business. No advance knowledge of accounting is necessary. The ISBDC will assist you in developing a plan designed to generate a greater net income while keeping your business stable.

Reports Include

  • Industry Specific Performance Ratios & Industry Scorecard: See how the management of your business compares to your direct competitors.
  • Liquidity Study: Evaluates your company’s ability to meet financial obligations as they occur.
  • Profits & Profit Margin: Determine if profitability trends favorable in your company.
  • Sales Trends: Assess your customers’ purchasing habits.
  • Borrowing Report: See if your company is borrowing profitably.
  • Assets Analysis: Verify that your company is using its fixed assets as effectively as possible.
  • Employees Report: Hire more effectively and see where there could be improvements.

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