Rick Crawford – RPIA LLC



Rick Crawford – RPIA LLC

RPIA stands for “Resourceful Purchasers in Action”, and it provides buying and business management assistance to 75 wholesale/retail bakeries in the U.S. Rick Crawford, manager partner, first sought assistance from the Central ISBDC in mid 2009. Rick originally contacted the Central Indiana SBDC to assist him in locating working capital for his struggling retail bakery business in Indianapolis. When it was determined that it was unlikely that the amount of needed funding could be obtained in the economic environment in early 2010, other options that were available to him were explored, such as independent consulting, teaching, and writing, due to his credentials as a Certified Master Baker (CMB) from the Retail Bakers of America. Since that time he has successfully transitioned to providing managerial leadership to the RPIA group, as well as independent consulting that he provides to selected bakery owners throughout the country. Rick says of the ISBDC “The SBDC is one of the best kept secrets in the business, as this program is the best tangible thing I have ever received from the government – in 40 years.”

Central ISBDC

Central ISBDC can be reached at central@isbdc.org.
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