Scholar’s Secret: Driving Academic Success!




Scholar’s Secret: Driving Academic Success!

Scholar’s Secret is dedicated to driving academic success – not only for college and college-bound students, but for their professors as well. Established in 2009 as Indianapolis’s first and only academic coaching service, Scholar’s Secret initially focused on giving high school students the competitive edge by helping them sharpen those information literacy and writing skills so critical to collegiate success. But within a year, Scholar’s Secret expanded its services to meet the needs of Indy-area graduate students, researchers, and others in the world of academia. Busy professors, writers, and other academic professionals now turn to Scholar’s Secret’s editorial services to take their writing right “over the top”! From funding proposals and book manuscripts to articles and presentations, Scholar’s Secret focuses an objective eye on their written documents and carefully fine-tunes them to ensure that they deliver the desired results – every time.

After the idea for Scholar’s Secret had been percolating for about 10 years, founder Susan Schlag approached the ISBDC for help making it a reality. She walked away from her initial meeting with ISBDC’s Kevin Jones with the confidence boost she needed to say “GO.” They discussed her idea for Scholar’s Secret and reviewed a draft business plan. Kevin diplomatically asked Susan those tough questions that “dreamers” like her don’t care to hear, like: “what if this” or “have you thought about that.” Over the next several weeks, he helped her decide how to organize her business; and gave her step-by-step instructions on registering it with local, state, and federal agencies. He has since referred clients her way – and continues to check in every now and then to make sure things are going smoothly. Susan recalls with a laugh, “With a huge sense of self-importance and personal satisfaction, I sent Kevin a message to announce that my new website had gone “live” and that Scholar’s Secret was now offically open for business. His instantly replied, ‘Write a press release and get it out there. NOW!’ Which, I hasten to add, I did (and got some great media coverage as a result)!”

Susan will certainly continue to seek counsel from the ISBDC for help in strategically managing Scholar’s Secret’s astonishing growth and seizing opportunities as they arise.

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