Seminars & Events


Seminars & Events

The ISBDC offers classroom style workshops, online training, and hosts an array or small business awards ceremonies both locally and statewide. The below links will provide you with more information on ISBDC seminars and events.

Starting a Business

The ISBDC’s Launching Your Own Business Workshop is a first step toward starting your business stronger.

Local & State Events

The ISBDC hosts training workshops and special events across the state. View our regional and statewide event schedules.

Online Classes

Don’t have time to attend one of ISBDC’s day or evening seminars? Do you like to learn at your own speed? Online classes may be for you.

Companies to Watch

Indiana Companies to Watch celebrates high-performing, second-stage companies in the state. Known for their performance in the marketplace, innovative products, unique processes or philanthropic actions, these companies represent a wide range of industries from all corners of Indiana.

This is not an award of the “top” or “best” companies — the companies selected each year make a point about Indiana’s diverse economic landscape. They make an astounding impact on the state’s economy by collectively providing thousands of jobs and contributing millions of dollars of revenue. Click above for more information on this event.

EDGE Awards

The ISBDC EDGE Awards celebrate Economic Development and Growth through Entrepreneurship. EDGE Award recipients fall into one of two categories: Emerging or Established businesses. Eligibility is limited to clients of the ISBDC through one-on-one confidential counseling through a trained ISBDC business advisor, participation in ISBDC programming, or use of ISBDC tools and business resources. EDGE Award recipients have been selected locally by the regional ISBDC staff that works directly with the business. Click above for more information on this event.

Young Entrepreneurs Program

Established as a result of the passage of HEA 1251 in 2011, the Young Entrepreneurs Program assists young entrepreneurs in making their business plans become a reality in Indiana.

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