The State of Entrepreneurship


The State of Entrepreneurship

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April 1, 2015

The ISBDC is Here to Serve ALL Indiana Entrepreneurs

The ISBDC is here to serve all Indiana entrepreneurs and small businesses. No exceptions. We stand with our many national, state, and local funding partners and clients who have spoken out against discrimination. Like the thousands of entrepreneurs we work with every year, we value diversity and inclusiveness. The ISBDC is open for business for all entrepreneurs.

Kauffman’s Guidelines on Entrepreneurship Development for Governments

This month, the Kauffman Foundation published a report on how local and state government can promote entrepreneurship. There’s some great stuff here. Seriously, give it a read. It’s only 9 pages. A few highlights include recommendations to facilitate catalytic events that bring entrepreneurs together, reinvent existing public venture funds in ways that distribute multiple small investments, and reorganize existing incubators to better connect incubated firms with other local startups and experienced entrepreneurs.


This month, Indiana beat Texas in the first ever #HackINvTX Challenge; a three-week hackathon contest where Indiana and Texas entrepreneurs competed in solving state government IT challenges. Indiana’s own Red Alert took home the grand prize for their project to support the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. Indiana was also represented in this challenge by the combined team of Agency360 and RebornCode who were semi-finalist with their Indiana Department of Environmental Management project. The winning prize package included $4,000 to help grow their business.

I look forward to sharing the State of Entrepreneurship next month and to continue to assist Indiana entrepreneurs to start stronger, grow faster, and work smarter.


Jacob Schpok
Jacob Schpok
ISBDC State Director
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