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Stateline Foam LLC

Stateline Foam pic 1Shane & Amy Cade had always dreamed of owning their own successful business.  After working in the construction industry, Shane realized that foam insulation was an expanding industry that had great selling potential.  In particular, Shane and Amy decided this business was the right fit for them because not only did they want to help their customers save money, but they wanted to help the environment too.   “Foam insulation really can save you up to 50% on your heating and cooling bills.  We wanted to take what we knew and let others know – so we opened Stateline Foam, LLC.  We’ve had so much good feedback from customers about how much spray foam has helped to lower their energy costs.”

The Cades first met Hoosier Heartland ISBDC business advisor Heather Reynolds in October 2009.  Heather helped them to develop their business plan utilizing her experience and demographic tools that are provided to ISBDC advisors.  Part of a good business plan is identifying the mission of the business.  Stateline Foam’s mission is:

  • To create lasting relationships with our customers by offering quality energy efficient products backed by exceptional service and performance
  • To be a benefit to our community and be active in local non-profit organizations
  • To help conserve our world’s resources by offering environmentally-friendly products that help to save on energy consumption

As a result of their preparation, planning, and ISBDC assistance, the Cades have been in business now for over a year.  Their business is thriving, their service area is expanding, their business is gaining attention, and they’re saving their customers money!  “The Hoosier Heartland Small Business Development Center set us on the right track to starting our business. Heather Clark-Reynolds guided us through each step of our business plan and after it was completed we were able to secure a private investment to start our new business, Stateline Foam, LLC. We would not have been able to do this without Heather’s expertise and dedication to us and our venture.”

You can learn more about Stateline Foam LLC through their webite at, or also “like” them on Facebook page at “Stateline Foam”


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