Wild Birds Unlimited



Wild Birds Unlimited

In less than a year, Tim and Margi Griffith’s Wild Birds Unlimited nature store on Evansville’s east side went from a grand opening to being recognized as a small business success story by U.S. Senator Evan Bayh.

“Neither of us had any retail experience before we started, “said Tim Griffith. “Going to the SBDC was the best thing we could have done.” With the help of the SBDC, the Griffiths put together an impressive business and marketing plan, which is essential for any small business.

“Wild Birds Unlimited is able to compete and succeed on a whole new level today, “Senator Bayh said. “It’s proof that with access to the right resources, small business can become big successes, strengthening Indiana’s economy and creating the jobs of tomorrow.”
Tim and Margi started Wild Birds Unlimited in October 2005 with the help of the Southwest Indiana SBDC. Since then, they have also used the SBDC to help develop a marketing plan and they continue to use the organization today. As a result, their business has expanded and they now employ three people.

Southwest ISBDC

Southwest ISBDC can be reached at southwest@isbdc.org.
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