Your Business and Google’s +1



Your Business and Google’s +1

Jacob Schpok – On March 30, Google announced they are testing a new feature called +1 (Plus One) their (unofficial) version of Facebook’s “Like”. Businesses who take the time to understand this new feature have an opportunity to leapfrog competitors with little time and money spent.

For years technology publications have been wondering when Facebook will enter into the internet search world and use friends “likes” as a search result filtering tool. Imagine searching and choosing websites to visit based on user Friends reviews, the same way you make purchasing decisions on sites like Amazon. Currently, Bing has “likes” in search results and Google includes twitter posts in search results but neither have changed the landscape of search. It is expected that someday soon page rank will be alter by the number of “likes” a page has so when searching for shoes, Nike may be displayed as the top result for you since your friend Joe Smith Facebook-Liked the new Nike Air Max. Nothing confirmed yet.

Google, on the other hand, has been trying to enter into the social media market with little success (ever heard of Buzz?). So, when the topic of Google vs. Facebook comes up, most tech columnists feel the ball is in Facebook’s court to develop a better search tool using social media and for Google to get their head in the social media world. There have been rumors of Google updating their user profiles to make them more user-friendly (see Circle) but +1 is a whole new direction all together.

So, Here It Is

What This Mean To Your Business

We are still unsure if +1s (pluses?) will improve a website’s page rank on Google but it won’t be long before sites with high +1s will drive more traffic than those without them. With 63.33% of searches worldwide taking place on Google, having customers +1 your site will drive more Google searchers your direction. The new SEO is a popularity contest. The more people who like your business’ fan page on Facebook, follow your staff on Twitter, and provide high reviews of your products and services on Amazon, Angie’s List, and Yelp, the more likely your business is to grow.

How to Optimize the Opportunity

There are still a lot of unknowns as to how +1 is rolling out. Anyone with a Google account (which includes Gmail account holders) can start using +1 now by visiting  It’s still unknown when a website can add a +1 to their site which will add pluses to Google search results. For the time being, register your business with Google Places, which will help with your company’s page rank, and keep an eye out for the +1 button script to become available. We will keep our Facebook and Twitter followers updated, so remember to follow us. (Twitter: @indiana_sbdc, Facebook: Fan Page)

Jacob Schpok is the Programming Director for the Indiana Small Business Development Center, an organization with the mission of having a positive and measurable impact on the formation, growth, and sustainability of small businesses in Indiana, and to develop a strong entrepreneurial community. Jacob can be reach at

Jacob Schpok

Jacob Schpok is the Executive Director of the Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship. This newly created office, housed under the Lieutenant Governor, was established to ensure Indiana is a state that works for entrepreneurs. Under his new role, Jacob continues to serve as State Director of the Indiana Small Business Development Center, Indiana’s business consulting organization focused on helping entrepreneurs start stronger, grow faster, and work smarter. Last year alone, the ISBDC helped Indiana businesses raise $70 million in capital and create over 1,600 full-time jobs. Prior to his two current positions, Jacob worked for the ISBDC in a number of roles, co-founded two businesses, earned an entrepreneurship and small business management degree from Ball State University’s entrepreneurship program, and spent his youth in South Bend Indiana cutting his teeth working for a family business.
Jacob Schpok can be reached through our Contact Page.
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