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2011 EDGE Award Winners

Apr 11th, 2012

Congratulations to the  EDGE Awards Class of 2011.

The ISBDC EDGE Awards celebrate Economic Development & Growth through Entrepreneurship. EDGE Award recipients fall into one of two categories: Emerging or Established businesses. Eligibility is limited to clients of the ISBDC who in the past year have received one-on-one confidential counseling with a trained ISBDC Business Advisor, participated in ISBDC programs, or used ISBDC tools and business resources. EDGE Award recipients have been selected locally by the regional ISBDC staff who work directly with the business.

Emerging Businesses – Click Here to Learn More

  • Btown Delivers
  • CPR – Cell Phone Repair
  • Echo Karaoke
  • Fish Face Photo Booths
  • Northern Indiana Aqua Products, LLC
  • Respiratory Medical Solutions
  • Second Steps, LLC
  • SWAT – Severe Weather Alert Team
  • Voice To Print Captioning, LLC

Established Businesses – Click Here to Learn More

  • Goat Milk Stuff, LLC
  • HMS Midwest, LLC
  • Magrane Pet Medical Center
  • Numerix, Inc.
  • Rhum Academy of Music
  • Scout and Zoe’s
  • Solid Surfaces of Indiana, LLC
  • Team Service, USA
  • Terre Haute Helicopters