2012 EDGE Award Winners – Established Businesses

Congratulations to the 2012 Class of Established Business EDGE Awards Winners!


B & C Services, Inc. – Muncie, IN

B & C OwnerB&C Services is a 34-year old heavy truck repair company. When the recession hit, owner Darrell Crabtree found himself in need of assistance. This led him to the East Central ISBDC in July of 2011, where a Business Advisor worked with Darrell to develop an action plan to address all immediate needs. Once the pressure was alleviated, the EC-ISBDC helped the company through a strategic design process, allowing Darrell to identify long and short-term goals. In addition to helping with strategic planning, the EC-ISBDC was able to provide the business owner with financial templates, Quickbooks training, and market reports like ProfitCents. This helped position B&C Services to move forward and take advantage of opportunities in their market and beyond.

The effort of Darrell’s hard work is paying off. In 2012, he increased his sales by 25 percent and was able to retain all seven of his employees. In the truck repair industry, businesses are often unwilling to adapt to the altered business environment which is now the “new normal”. Because of Darrell’s proactive approach, he was able to save his business and is positioned for additional sales growth in 2013.


Chrisso Technologies – Kokomo, IN

Chrisso TechnologiesIn 2010 Chrisso Technologies was formed, providing hardware design and software enhancement for electrical design, digital signal processing, lab testing, field testing, and circuit board design. With Chrisso’s advanced software algorithms and performance enhancements, users are able to stay connected to existing services at longer distances and in more dynamic environments than previously thought possible.

Prior to opening, CEO Todd Brandenburg met with the Hoosier Heartland ISBDC. The HH-ISBDC helped Chrisso organize and provided business acumen for the four partners, who all had engineering backgrounds. Under the mentorship of their Business Advisor, the company participated in the accelerated FastTrac Tech Venture program; a program that guides technical business through their start-up phase. In the last year they have seen a 20 percent increase in sales and the opportunity to hire an additional contract employee.


CoatChex – Carmel, IN

Derek Pacque - Coat ChexOne night while out at a club, young entrepreneur Derek Paque had his coat stolen. Because of this, Derek realized an untapped market; a mobile, ticketless coat check system that would leverage technology to create a hassle-free solution.

CoatChex started in 2010 while Derek was a student at Indiana University in Bloomington. Prior to launching, he met with the West Central ISBDC seeking assistance with writing a business plan and completing a market strategy. The WC-ISBDC helped him obtain market reports that otherwise would have been very costly for the start-up business.

Employing 2 full-time and 24 part-time staff, the success of CoatChex has been rapid. Not only has the small business serviced high-end clients such as ESPN and Maxim during Super Bowl XLVI, Derek appeared on season four of ABC Network’s The Shark Tank. The young entrepreneur turned down a $200,000 investment offer from the show, stating at this point he couldn’t give that much equity to someone who wouldn’t be pivotal for the day-to-day operations.


Hautau Tube Cutoff Systems, LLC – Brookville, IN

Hautau StaffHautau Tube Cutoff Systems develops world-class tube cutoff machines that are cost-effective and reduce the amount of labor for customers. Located in Brookville, the company provides systems to clients throughout the United States, shipping internationally to Canada, Mexico, Australia, and South Africa.

Company owner Charles Hautau came to the Southeast ISBDC in 2012 seeking business expansion assistance. With outlined plans for a building addition and increased employment opportunities, Charles wanted advice on securing funding. Utilizing ISBDC resources like First Research, and with the assistance of his Business Advisor, he applied for and received grant from the City of Lawrenceburg Redevelopment Grant Committee.


Imhoff Quality Meats, LLC – Butler, IN

IQ MeatsSmall business owners Pat and Todd Imhoff are lifelong residents of Dekalb County and are deeply rooted in that community. In 2005 they opened Imhoff Quality Meats to provide Northeast Indiana with high quality, locally grown, humanely raised and butchered meat, along with other locally produced products. Desiring to grow their business and enhance their retail image, they attended a marketing workshop hosted by the NE-ISBDC in 2010.

Since forging that relationship, the Imhoffs have worked with the NE-ISBDC to develop a marketing plan, secure a loan, and have participated in strategic planning sessions to refocus their efforts. Since 2010, Imhoff Quality Meats increased their staff from six employees to nine and realized an 80 percent increase in revenue. The owners give back time and talent to their community, with leadership roles in the area Chamber and other initiatives.


Jeannie’s House Diner – South Bend, IN

Jeannie's Cafe OwnersPaul and Jeanne Rogge came to the North Central ISBDC in June of 2011 seeking assistance in starting a restaurant in South Bend. The NC-ISBDC answered general questions about taxes, payroll, and accounting. Additionally, the Business Advisor walked them through the process of starting the business. By October of 2011, the Rogge’s obtained a bank loan in the amount of $160,000.

In February of 2012, Jeannie’s House suffered a devastating fire. Rather than cutting their losses and walking away, the Rogge’s saw it as an opportunity to remodel and expand the restaurant, supported by the city and the NC-ISBDC. In August the restaurant reopened, proving to be an inspiration to the South Bend community. In 2013, Paul and Jeanne will be working with the collegiate program at IU-South Bend to find new ways to market their business.


Legacy Environmental Services – Crown Point, IN

Carl Lisek - Legacy Environmental ServicesWhen owners Lorrie and Carl Lisek opened Legacy Environmental Services (LES) in 2003, they envisioned a small environmental consulting firm. Nearly 10 years later their business has grown to serve clients throughout the United States with offices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Fort Myers, Florida. The LES mission is to create a lasting legacy through innovative and cost-effective solutions in using green technologies. Lorrie and Carl work with schools, government agencies, and industry companies along with fellow small businesses.

LES has been a client of the Northwest ISBDC since 2005, first attending workshops and later working with a Business Advisor to develop their strategic plan. As the company grew, they continued to receive counseling on office relocation and developing strategic partnerships. Most recently, the NW-ISBDC helped them register as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise. 2012 proved to be a very successful year for LES as revenue grew by over 100 percent. Legacy Environmental Services looks forward to 2013 as they anticipate double digit growth in sales and an increase in their current staff of eight to better serve their clients’ needs.


Lifesong Academy – Evansville, IN

Lifesong AcademyLifesong Academy is a 46,000-square-foot center for individuals with neurobehavioral disabilities. This includes autism, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, and various other chromosome-related disorders. Owner Kim Derk is passionate about serving individuals with disabilities and her facility is evolving into one of the state’s largest full-service treatment centers. Since opening in September of 2012, Lifesong Academy has grown to employ 26 individuals with the capacity to serve 40 children.

Kim came to the Southwest ISBDC in 2011 seeking assistance with her business plan. The SW-ISBDC has helped her explore opportunities for grants to fund 19 new hires and made recommendations regarding tax and accounting services. In the short time the academy has been in business, sales have steadily increased to $100,000, they are on track to hire more employees, and will soon reach full capacity of serving 100 children.


Mister Buck’s Genuinely Good Pet Food – Bloomfield, IN

Mister BuckLaunching in 2011, Mister Buck’s Genuinely Good Pet Food provides a healthy pet food alternative. Originally produced as a cost-efficient solution to feed Jonathan Kitto’s pack of greyhound rescues, the market for this quality food has exploded. Currently his product is sold in many local stores, including Marsh Supermarkets.

As a previous business owner, Jonathan was well-versed in starting a new venture. It wasn’t until the rapid growth of Mister Buck’s that he recognized the need to look for funding alternatives in order to continue to meet the demand of his product. He contacted the Radius ISBDC to polish his business plan, which helped him secure a $55,000 commercial loan from Bloomfield State Bank. This helped him hire eight more employees. In the past 12 months sales for the company have more than doubled.


PrecisionPoint, Inc. – Carmel, IN

Precision Point TeamPrecisionPoint, Inc. is a geospatial and surveying professional services firm that provides cutting-edge 3D spatial solutions for the architectural, engineering, construction, and facility management industries. Owner Mark Hanna first contacted the Central ISBDC in 2010, seeking help in evaluating his business plan. The C-ISBDC reviewed Mark’s plan as well as helped him complete essential tasks for starting his business, such as registering the company and setting up tax documentation. Additionally, Mark turned to the C-ISBDC on several occasions for management advice and help in securing financing. He received a $50,000 loan and $40,000 line of credit from Star Bank.

Mark continues to work with the C-ISBDC on a regular basis, most recently participating in a strategic planning session to map out a plan for future growth. In the four years the company has been in business, sales have experienced a four-fold increase and they have hired three new employees.

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