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A Place To Get A Real Hair Cut

Feb 20th, 2012 • East Central ISBDC

Brothers since they were born, Stephen and Randall Hargrave opened Brother’s Barbershop in 2010. The two have been cutting hair in Muncie for over three years before they decided to open their own business.

“After doing a lot of background research, Muncie seemed like a good place to open a barbershop for African Americans,” Stephen said. Though the barbershop is geared towards African-Americans, everyone is welcome. Brothers Barbershop is just an old fashioned barbershop for men. It is not a salon that styles men’s hair.

From the start, Stephen wanted to make sure the business was a success and he knew he needed to have a plan. At his first visit to the East Central Indiana Small Business Development Center, Stephen realized he needed more than a plan. He needed to know how to run a business. Stephan came to the realization that he would need to learn how to handle the bookkeeping, calculate his start up expenses as well as monthly cost of goods and fixed expense, and market the business in the appropriate way.

The desire to be successful kept his dream of opening a barbershop alive and in one year’s time the dream came true. In that one year, with the help of the EC ISBDC, Stephan was able to produce a complete business plan that resulted in financial investments from other local business people so Stephen could open his doors.

“With the help of the EC ISBDC, I learned that there was more to running a business than just opening the doors and cutting hair,” said Stephan.

Brother’s Barbershop offers haircuts for all ages of men, ranging from $8 for boys, $12 for teens and $15 for adults, and also provides hairlines, razor services and specialty services.

Even in the infancy of their business, Stephan and his brother are thinking towards the future. Their plans may even include franchising.

For more information, please visit the Brother’s Barbershop & Haircare Facebook Page

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