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AVEC Audio Empowers Music Industry

Dec 29th, 2015

Brent Allred and Tyler Harris

Brent Allred and Tyler Harris won The Big Idea Pitch this fall for their company Avec Audio.

Brent Allred saw a need to help musicians move from part-time weekend warriors to full-fledged professionals. As an Emmy Award-winning composer and multiple-time nominee, music flows through Allred’s veins. Economics and an entrepreneurial spirit are central to Allred’s colleague Tyler Harris, who is also a musician. Together, the two founded Avec Audio and have a vision of an empowered music industry.

At the heart of Avec Audio is music composition. The company writes music for advertising, film, apps, and anything else that needs music behind it. In working on this part of their business, the two found an innovative approach to music production, which involves virtual recording.

“The virtual recording process takes every instrument, records every note on that instrument, and puts it into computer software,” said Allred. “This software can then generate live orchestrations.”

Bypassing the need and expense of assembling musicians live in a studio, a composer can focus on composing. Not only does Avec use this process on their own music, they’ve helped other composers using this process as well.

One interesting aspect of their company is that they use this sampling to create soundscape designs for music departments at universities. AVEC records the university’s musicians playing every note using every technique. This allows the university’s composers to have their composition played by the university’s musicians in an efficient manner.

“We’ve worked on this business for almost four years, and it’s now just taking off,” noted Harris. “The software is so new that we had to learn how to do everything from the bottom up. Even the top professionals who built this software don’t really know how best to use it. We’re crazy enough to want to know how it works.”

Avec Audio received a boost for their business this fall when they won The Big Idea Pitch presented by the Muncie Innovation Connector. The $5,000 that the company won has allowed them to acquire more sample libraries and is helping them to travel east to make additional connections for their business.

From the beginning, the two have worked with East Central ISBDC business advisor Tom Steiner to write a business plan and help with other important first steps.

“We were innocent 20-somethings coming in here. He was like the captain of a large ship with just a small crew, trying to get us pointed back to the ocean,” Allred expressed.

Allred and Harris also credit Ted Baker, Director of the Innovation Connector, with helping them through the challenges of new business ownership.

“The real issue that we were trying to solve wasn’t just about making music. The real issue is an economic one. It’s the main barrier to entry for the weekend warrior who wants to become a professional musician,” Harris said. “We had similar ideas, we’re still friends, and had a lot of validation along the way. Our system is well on its way.”

To learn more about Avec audio, visit www.avecaudio.com.