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Box My Dorm

Nov 1st, 2010

Betty Jo first came to the Central Indiana SBDC in August, 2008.  She wanted to start her own business and had a couple of ideas, but she lacked confidence and wasn’t sure how to proceed.  We helped her evaluate the business ideas and she settled on a business that would provide moving and storage services for college students.  Box My Dorm provides boxes and packing materials to college students who want to store their belongings locally for the summer rather than haul them back home and then back to college in the fall.  Betty Jo considered starting her own moving/storage business from scratch, and she also looked at working with established businesses as a licensee.

She settled on Box My Dorm and recently completed her second year in business.  She serves students on the three largest university campuses in the Hoosier state – Notre Dame, Indiana University, and Purdue.  The first year – 2009 – was kind of rough, but Betty Jo was committed to making the business work.  She learned a lot and she moved forward with a new marketing strategy for 2010.  Early in the year Purdue awarded Betty Jo an exclusive contract for student moving and storage services, which puts her in a great position for the future.  In 2010 she saw her revenues increase by 65 percent and she had a 20 percent net profit.  The business created 11 seasonal jobs.

Among her goals for 2011 and beyond, she plans to solidify her position at Purdue, Notre Dame and IU and hopes to have at least 200 clients at each institution. Betty Jo indicated she found the assistance from the SBDC a great help.   “The SBDC helped me tremendously.  The counseling I received from the SBDC gave me confidence to move ahead with my business.  You gave me structure and a framework for what to do in getting the business started and moving forward.   Thank you for helping me step over the line and really do this.”