Bread and Breakfast

Laura Buckingham owns Bread & Breakfast located in New Albany, Indiana. Laura sells Artisan breads, homemade soup, paninis, pastries, and more, which are all made fresh daily in house. Bread & Breakfast has doubled in sales in the last month and has nearly 2,000 likes on Facebook.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Laura held several jobs. She worked at a library and tutored in college. She was even in the Marine Corps for eight years, four active and four inactive.

Laura_withPieLaura’s mission for her business is to support the local food economy and use local ingredients. She strives to become more and more eco-friendly. She is determined to build a sustainable business that will support her and her son, Bryton.

While owning Bread & Breakfast is extremely demanding, Laura’s favorite part of her job is baking. Her passion for baking has gotten her so far, and she loves baking and creating new treats for her customers to try. She hopes that with owning this great business, she will have more free time to spend with her family because the only thing she dislikes about her business is the time away from them.

Laura, like most business owners, faced challenges when starting out. Laura started out by selling her bread anywhere she could. She sold bread at farmers’ markets, trade shows, and even on the side of highways and parking lots. Before moving her business into its current building, Laura sold 200 to 300 loaves of bread each week. Even though she didn’t have a lot of money when starting out, she never let that stop her from achieving her dreams. To this day, she is extremely thrifty and spends money as she makes it. She believes she must adapt and overcome her challenges.

Laura has been growing her business for two and a half years, and she officially moved into a building in New Albany in December 2013. This location allows her to bake more treats in house and expand her selection of food offered to customers. She now has space for customers to dine in or take their food to go. Laura not only offers bread and breakfast, she also offers lunch and other tasty desserts.

Bread & Breakfast is experiencing tremendouPotPies growth. Laura’s sales have doubled in the last month. She is even expanding her staff and is in the process of training new employees.

Laura likes to contribute to the community as much as she can. She contributes to the local food economy by using local ingredients in her food. She also supports the music scene, and lets musicians perform at her bakery once a week. Laura also does fundraisers as much as possible. She recently held a Diaper Drive where she collected diaper donations for Choices for Women.

Laura has been a client of the Southeast ISBDC since June 2013. She works with Business Advisor, Bryan Potter, who she says has helped her achieve her dream. She says that Bryan always helps her take the next step for her business. She believes that Bryan is passionate about helping her and her business, and she even calls him her “voice of reason.”

 “Laura has used her skills and knowledge of the local community to realize her dream of owning a bakery in Southern Indiana.  Her ability to build a loyal customer base has allowed her to be successful in such a short time,” Bryan says of Laura.


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