Bright SchoolKitz


After a long career at Proctor & Gamble, Bethany Hampton left the corporate life to start a family.  While at home, she realized that she needed to have something more to work on, so she started a small online business assembling and selling school kits to the local area schools.  Over the course of the next couple years, it grew so large that she had to find outside assembling help.  She found it at the local disabled adult center in Cincinnati, OH.  Two years later, she was looking to expand into a larger facility that could handle more inventory and kits.  That’s when she contacted her local ISBDC representative.  Her business advisor helped her assess her needs, set some strategic direction, and gain access to the Purdue resources to improve the efficiency of the assembly operation.  Bethany has now expanded again with national sales people and more assembly locations in two large Midwest cities, while still administrating the business out of her house.  She has more than doubled her original revenue, created more online resources to help facilitate her business, and still continues to use developmentally disabled adults to assemble her kits.

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