Let’s Work Together

BtoBcity.com Delivers Deals, Connects Small Businesses

Apr 19th, 2011

Maureen Wozniak’s 25 years in business-to-business sales gave her the inside scoop. She learned no matter how unique and different small businesses are in the front, they all need the same products and services in the back from furniture and office supplies to HR and accounting needs. This knowledge and her own experience with group buying sites paved the way for the birth of BtoBcity.com, a business-to-business group online buying site that features deeply discounted deals.

Through the site’s free membership, businesses can access deals that Wozniak hopes will help cut operation cuts. For businesses hosting the offers, Wozniak sees opportunities to secure new clients, launch new products and increase market share all based on pay-for-performance ad space. While she launched the site nationally in March, she looks to add regional deals in the future in Indianapolis, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Wozniak began working with NWI Small Business Development Center business advisor Jacquie Spearman in the summer of 2010 when the idea for the site and small business tool was taking shape. Spearman connected her to database information, offered financial guidance and served as a coach. Wozniak said as a small business owner, she is often alone in making decisions and having the support of a business advisor as a sounding board was invaluable.