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Btown Delivers, There is More to Delivery Than Just Pizza

Oct 4th, 2011

As a freshman in college at Indiana University, Franc Perrelle had a notion that it would be great to have more delivery options than the usual pizza and Chinese food. Years later and after conducting extensive market research, he was ready to take his idea to the next level.

Franc came to the ISBDC in November of 2010 seeking assistance with making his idea a reality. Utilizing ISBDC assistance with feasibility analysis, business planning and referrals to local resource partners Franc opened up Btown Delivers in February of 2011. The ISBDC helped provide guidance on focusing and stress testing Franc’s business ideas and creating a solid plan for future growth and development.

Btown Delivers provides delivery services for restaurants that typically do not have their own delivery services via online orders at www.btowndelivers.com. Since its opening in February, it has expanded to a capacity of 4 drivers and is in process of offering grocery delivery options as well.

Visit Btown Delivers website for more information.

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