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CTW Past Winners

Apr 24th, 2014

Indiana Companies to Watch celebrates high-performing, second-stage companies in the state. Known for their performance in the marketplace, innovative products, unique processes or philanthropic actions, these companies represent a wide range of industries from all corners of Indiana.

We interviewed past winners to share their advice, how CTW has impacted business, and what the future holds for their company.

Today’s interview is with Rivera Group.

Rivera Group

Rivera Group was one of 26 Indiana businesses named as a Company to Watch in 2011. After winning, the company continued to have so much growth and success that in 2013 they were recognized as one of five CTW Spotlight Winners. We recently caught up with Rivera Group to find out how their business has changed since winning the award.

  1. How did Rivera Group get its start?

    The company started in 2002 when owner Joey River decided to become an independent consultant for the federal government specializing in information technology solutions.  He found an opportunity in Fort Knox, KY and went to work as a subcontractor on a large Army information technology project.

  2. How has winning this award impacted your business?

    The award gives a level of credibility during the sales process.  Once the customer understands the nomination criteria, it is easy to make them feel comfortable about their ability to take on larger projects with higher risk.  Also, the award is a great starting point when introducing Rivera Group to new customers, as it tells the customer that this company is being recognized as a leader in how they operate their business, as well as their technical capabilities.

  3. Have you developed any new products or services since winning the award?

    Currently, Rivera Group is still working to improve their core modeling software, Eagle6.

  4. What does the future hold for your company?

    Rivera Group is on track to grow 100 percent in 2014.  This summer the company will break ground on a new corporate headquarters in Jeffersonville, which will house over 200 employees that specialize in software development.  They recently hired two C-Level leaders that will help lead the company through the next growth stage, and are continuing to invest into R&D creative ideas that separate Rivera Group from competitors.

  5. What advice would you give to a start-up who is trying to take their business to the second-stage?

    Invest first-stage revenue into a product that satisfies a clear and obvious need.  Use the product a differentiator in the sales process.  Hire the right leadership to mature the sales funnel at least 24 months.  Be bold with vision and hire people who get excited about leaning forward.  Don’t be afraid to replace people, to include family and friends.  Finally, protect the single greatest asset any company can achieve: momentum.  Winners want to be a part of a team that is winning.  Momentum gives people and teams a sense of urgency and energy.  Momentum makes a company feel like it’s moving forward.  If you lose momentum, you’ll lose your leadership, and trying to regain the sense of momentum will be very difficult.

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