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A Cup of Success for MUGS Coffee & Tea

Sep 10th, 2014 • Christy Ragle

MUGS Coffee & Tea shop in the Edgewood/Anderson area welcomes customers with a warm smile, walls lined with locally created art, and the smell of freshly roasted coffee. This retail location is an extension of a company that started as a wholesale roasting business. Shareholders established MUGS in part as a way to mentor young entrepreneurs. What emerged is a business that serves as a launching pad for its associates while providing a high-quality product and a place for community connections.

As the business evolved, shareholders tasked Skye Huff with helping the business to transition and grow. Skye soon contacted Peggy Cenova at the East Central ISBDC. “I needed coaching, not just because it was all fairly new to me to run a company, but also to help with financing,” noted Skye. In addition to providing guidance in terms of financing, East Central ISBDC helped MUGS in three primary areas.

Accountability- “As a small business owner, you get stuck working in the business and not on the business. So having a set meeting where you have to present information requires that you have it done before that meeting,” Skye said.

Shared experience & advice- As they met monthly, Peggy and Skye discussed everything from logistical things to setting boundaries. “Sometimes it was just great to think through with someone who wasn’t emotionally connected to the company,” according to Skye.

Research- Peggy provided valuable information about demographics, market viability, and location. Considering this data, the company changed plans in terms of where they would locate the retail shop.

MUGS is now a successful and growing enterprise that continues to work in partnership with East Central ISBDC. Learn more about MUGS at their website: www.MugsCoffeeAndTea.com.

Photo of Skye Huff

Skye Huff worked with East Central ISBDC to open a retail location for MUGS Coffee & Tea.