Let’s Work Together

Dave’s Sportsden

Aug 4th, 2010

Dave’s Sportsden:  On March 31, 2008, ownership of the Sports Den in Evansville was transferred to Dave and Mary Shepard, realizing a lifelong dream. Dave had been a cook, bookkeeper, bartender, waiter, and caterer for 14 years. Mary’s background in retail gave her an understanding of good customer service.

Referred by Dianne Bremer with Peoples Bank in Boonville, the Shepards came to the Southwest ISBDC, where business advisors helped them put together a business plan and provided information on SBA guaranteed loans for small businesses with traditional bank financing. That plan helped the Shepards access $200,000 in financing through Peoples Bank.

“ISBDC advisors gave us the help and confidence to draft the necessary plan to compliment our restaurant and business backgrounds. They will continue to work with us to help us maintain and expand upon our success!”