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Day of Innovation Conference

Day of Innovation
Sep 4th, 2013

Day of Innovation

We can be innovative in Indiana.

In Indiana, we create world-class new products and start groundbreaking new businesses. We ignite furious trends and develop remarkable company cultures. The incredible, the wonderful, and the innovative happens every day in Indiana. But we have one major problem… what is our venue to share in our successes and commiserate in our failures?

That’s why Centric created the Day of Innovation conference.

This conference is an outlet for Hoosiers from any background or sector to finally connect and mingle under the banner of innovation. In this environment, the wisdom of big companies will be shared and the infectious enthusiasm of small businesses will be spread. Serendipitous connections will be made among professionals who might never have crossed paths otherwise. Invaluable lessons will be learned from speakers that represent seemingly unrelated industries.

For one day, from sun-up to sun-down, it’s all about innovation.

The speaker lineup is one of the most eclectic assembled in Indianapolis. Each speaker will talk about innovation, but from his or her unique perspective. All of the speakers will be addressing key questions that members of the community need answered. For example:

Charlie McTargett, VP of Product Development, Delta Faucet Company

How can an organization choose to innovate in established, commoditized product categories?

Jeb Banner, Founder and CEO, Smallbox

How can an organization build its own “cultural calendar” to build and sustain innovation year round?

Billie Dragoo, President and CEO, Repucare Inc.

How can an entrepreneur use innovation to simultaneously build a business and strategically advance advocacy for women in the workplace?

Kenneth Savin, Director of Process Chemistry, Eli Lilly and Company

How do you make plans to address a rapidly changing business environment?

Time for Three, Ensemble in Residence, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

How can breaking rules and defying traditions open an entire new world of possibility?

Joan Wills, Director of Tech. Strategy and Innovation, Cummins

How does a mature company create sustainable, ongoing innovation processes?

If you haven’t gotten it yet, this is truly a one-of-a-kind event. This isn’t a schmooze-fest for start-ups or meet and greet for corporations. This isn’t a get-together for techies, marketers, or designers. You probably don’t have a budget line dedicated to this kind of event… but you can’t afford not to go. The Day of Innovation is a conference for Indiana innovators, by Indiana innovators.

Learn more at dayofinnovation.com