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Digital Marketing Guide

A Simple Start

Welcome to the ISBDC’s proprietary resource on digital marketing and growing your business online. While many of you may already be experts, we know that many more of you feel the need to be marketing your business online but may not know how. This resource is intended to be a “starter kit” for the typical small business owner – who is already busy working on the other aspects of their business, but knows that this area can’t be ignored.

Enough to Get Going

It is not our intention for it to be an all-inclusive resource that includes all that has ever been said or written about a given topic – a simple Google search can overwhelm you with such information. We want to equip the small business owner to start having intelligent conversations within his/her own company around these topics and give them a common language for seeking out the appropriate professional assistance as required.

Step-by-step or a la Carte

It is our recommendation that you start with the introduction and proceed through each step in the prescribed order, as some of the later steps build on earlier steps in the process. However, if you only need information on a given topic or can’t wait to jump ahead, each step can be taken individually.

Involve your Business Advisor

As always, your Business Advisor is here to help at each and every step. We believe the best results will come when you partner with your Business Advisor to maximize each step of the process. We are excited to be able to provide this resource and equally excited to hear about your results!