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Does Social Media Help With Your SEO?

Jul 23rd, 2012

Kathy Pierce – Joining social sites isn’t just so you can look popular to visitors. These sites provide valuable “backlinks” that up your ante in the SEO world. From a Search Engine Optimization perspective, backlinks demonstrate your site’s popularity. When search engine spiders find a site with lots of other sites pointing to it, they conclude that the site provides quality information that should be rewarded with high rankings.

NOTE: It’s estimated that backlinks may account for as much as 80 percent of the weight that search engine ranking algorithms give Search Engine Optimizationwebsites. Cultivating links from other websites that point back to your own site.

Give it a try.  Google Search your name and/or your business name. Notice what sites pop up with your web links.  You’ll find that they are mostly from social sites of which you have a linkbacks to your website.

It Does matter where your backlinks are coming from… A backlink from a high ranked site will matter more than one from a lower ranked site. A link from a relevant site within your industry will also get more weight.

TIP: Check to see which websites link to your competitors at Open Site Explorer. Once you discover which sites are linking to your competitors, visit those sites to find out if your content might be a good fit as well.

There are RULES of course…

  1. Backlinks should come from relevant sites that publish quality content.
  2. Google doesn’t condone backlinks that are paid for.
  3. Build your backlinks slowly.  It may appear that you are manipulating the rankings and trigger penalties from the search engines.

Get Shared!  Getting your posts and pages shared through social media sites will also up your SEO position.  Again, your links are getting passed around and “BackLinked”.

Be a Guest Blogger!  Blogging for other businesses is a win-win for both of you.  You get to create additional backlinks while creating valuable content for your blog host.

Here’s a list of social media sites that are ranked well with Google and offer first page exposure of your business.  Each one is linked for your convenience.


1.     BuzzJoy.net
2.     SmallerIndiana.com
3.     TownePost.com


1.     Facebook
2.     Twitter
3.     YouTube
4.     Linkedin
5.     Quora
6.     MeetUp
7.     Google Plus
8.     Entrepreneur Connect
9.     WordPress Blog
10.   Pinterest
11.   Wikipedia
12.   Formspring
13.   Stumble Upon
14.   Diggit
15.   Reddit.com

References: Entrepreneur.com

Kathy Pierce has a track record of entrepreneurial experience and success. She established her first small business in 2003, *Compliant Medical Billing*, a self-owned Medical Billing Company aiding small medical practices to manage the confusing and overwhelming billing practices, HIPPA compliance regulations, and insurance contract negotiation. She also worked in the network marketing industry building a successful, six figure business.

The lessons she has learned as an avid entrepreneur and business woman along with networking and relationship building for over 10 years has led her to her true passion, helping other business people build credibility in their communities and make connections to grow their business. Kathy is now the founder and CEO of BuzzJoy.net, an online community based in Indiana which launched in the Fall of 2011.

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