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East Wind Acupuncture Flourishes As Chinese Medicine Clinic

Oct 4th, 2011

The East Wind Acupuncture staff has been treating issues from infertility to back pain to digestive problems with traditional Chinese medicine since the clinic opened in Chesterton in 1998. Treatments include acupuncture, massage therapy, Chinese herbs, nutrition, cupping and yoga. Clinic director Laura Zaranski diverged from her pre-med path to follow the natural medicine route, beginning with two independent contractors when she first launched the clinic. Now, she has opened new locations in Hebron and Highland in 2011 and has 22 employees.

Zaranski said the ISBDC assisted her with financial planning to secure a loan for the current Chesterton location and for the build-out in Highland. “They helped us get all the materials together for loans and consolidate what we needed to do and how to present it to the bank,” she said.

Zaranski looks forward to further educating people on the practice of Chinese medicine and expanding services to help more people as well as integrating more services into her clinic, such as working with local chiropractors.

For more information visit East Wind Acupuncture’s website.

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