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EB-5 Part 4: How to work with SAA Cedisus EB-5 Projects

Aug 24th, 2015

SAC host its own EB-5 projects that offer foreign applicants seeking U.S. Visa opportunities the ability to obtain Visas by investing in projects meeting the requirements of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) EB-5 program.

SAC Regional Centers (RC) are unique in that we are open to outsourcing our RC through sponsoring a development project or renting out our Regional Center. SAC reserves the right to refuse any project it deems not a fit for its Regional Centers.


Sponsoring a project means that SAC treats the project as its own, assisting the developer in areas such as preliminary analysis, economic analysis, business plan, and legal documents.  This includes SAC’s connections to foreign brokers and investors.

Renting a SAC Regional Center means that the developer will be responsible for its own analysis and USCIS document preparation, along with having its own foreign investment connections.

SAC seeks projects which qualify under the USCIS regulations for a minimum investment of $500,000 by EB-5 investors, verses $1,000,000.

Getting Started:Teamwork

Project variables include:

* TEA designation – Targeted Employment Area

* Use of a RegionalCenter

* Direct and Indirect job count = how much investor money can be raised


  1. TEA designation – SAC will determine if project qualifies under the TEA guidelines (FREE).
  2. Preliminary Analysis – Determines direct and indirect job count + maximum investor dollar raise ($5,000).
  3. Go / No Go – Stage gate where developer decides if project should move forward.
  4. Project continues – SAC will subtract 1/2 of the preliminary analysis fee ($2,500) from any future costs incurred under the existing project.

SAC and its industry partners are here to assist each qualified project through the EB-5 process. Thank you for reviewing this series and be sure to give us your feedback.