Energy Delivery Solutions, LLC

Dr. Bill Ehringer is the Founder of Energy Delivery Solutions, LLC located in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Dr. Ehringer devBilleloped and patented a technology called liposomal ATP (ATPv) that can deliver life-saving energy to cells.  ATP (adenosine-5’-triphosphate) is the universal energy currency used by all cells to maintain life.  ATPv is a nano-based energy delivery system capable of transporting large amounts of ATP to cells. ATPv is useful in situations where blood flow or oxygen is decreased, which occurs in over 300 different human disease states.  Energy Delivery Solutions (EDS) currently manufactures ATPv at its Jeffersonville facility, and is developing facilities to manufacture cGMP grade ATPv, becoming the first company in the world to produce a GMP ATP delivery solution.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Dr. Ehringer was a Professor at University of Louisville in the Departments of Physiology, Biophysics, and Bioenginnering.   Dr. Ehringer founded his business with the goal of making ATPv more accessible to the general public.  To that end, EDS is developing both over-the-counter medications as well as pharmaceutical applications based on ATPv. Dr. Ehringer is extremely passionate about his business and his technology, and believes the ATPv technology will save lives, and his mission is for it to benefit as many people possible.

When asked what Dr. Ehringer enjoys the best about his business, he said that seeing it grow is extremely rewarding. In particular, seeing more and more people utilize his technology and benefiting from its potential use in a variety of human disease states is extremely gratifying. It is always difficult for entrepreneurs to say what they enjoy least about the business they created, but Dr. Ehringer says that the most trying part is raising the finances needed to create the GMP facility and for future product development.  As an example, taking ATPv through clinical trials for pharmaceutical use will require in excess of $100 million dollars prior to FDA approval.

During EDS’ brief 20 month existence, Dr. Ehringer has faced and overcame many obstacles along the way. One of the biggest challenges was to find the right individuals to help him create a GMP facility.  Recently, EDS hired Don Brady as CEO, who brings a wealth of management and product development experience to the company.  “Don will propel EDS to the next level and beyond by expanding our product line and sales efforts,” said Dr. Ehringer.  In addition, EDS has two bioengineers, Kristyn Smith and Dhru Patel, who have extensive experience in GMP manufacturing process.  In addition, EDS plans to hire four new employees: three technicians and one Quality Assurance Manager within the next few months.

EDS started with  three doctors in January 2013 and by word-of-mouth advertising only, has expanded its user group to  over 50 doctors in the US, Canada, India, Germany, UK, Turkey, and Australia.  “Our international customer base is our fastest growing market segment,” said Dr. Ehringer.

As a life-time resident of Southern Indiana, Dr. Ehringer hopes that the construction of a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility will encourage other biotechnology businesses to locate to Southern Indiana.  “Southern Indiana offers a much more attractive and less costly opportunity for business formation and development compared to Louisville,” said Dr. Ehringer.  In addition, EDS will bring high paying jobs and technology to Southern Indiana, which will help stimulate the local economy.

Dr. Ehringer has been a client of the Southeast ISBDC since December 2012. He works with Regional Director, Blayr Barnard. Dr. Ehringer says that the best possible move a small business could make would be to take advantage of the resources the ISBDC provides. He strongly suggests that any new business should utilize the vast array of free services offered by the ISBDC. Dr. Ehringer is appreciative of Blayr and the Southeast ISBDC and believes it is a hidden gem.  “Blayr and the ISBDC saved EDS thousands of dollars by helping us with our financial statements and business plan,” said Ehringer.

EDS recently received the EDGE Award for Emerging Businesses Small Business from the ISBDC. “Energy Delivery Solutions is one of those firms all communities are interested in – patented biotechnology with larger industry potential. They are a perfect fit for an award meant to draw attention to companies on the cusp of big things,” said Blayr Barnard, Regional Director of the Southeast ISBDC.

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