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Export Indiana Fellowship Program

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    EXPORT INDIANA FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM Eligibility Requirements: 1. Existing for-profit business, incorporated in Indiana with less than 500 employees. 2. Company is registered with the state of Indiana and taxes are paid current. 3. Product of export focus must be at least 51% made in Indiana. 4. A client of the Indiana Small Business Development Center a. Requires meeting with an ISBDC advisor, no fees 5. Annual sales revenue greater than $500,000 and less than $50 million. 6. Senior management must express firm commitment toward export development and program participation. 7. Company agrees to follow a structured, uniform approach to export market identification & development guided by the ISBDC Export Advisor, or may elect to pursue a separate export development strategy with input from Export Advisor as requested by company. 8. Must allocate one employee (Supervisor) to oversee Fellow’s export development activities throughout the program. Commitment requires frequent interaction with Fellow while employed at company Mid-May through Mid-August, with continued Fellow interaction upon their return to Purdue for fall semester if both Fellow and company agree to participate in Purdue’s Experiential Learning Initiative (ELI). 9. Agree to offer an annual export success update to ISBDC for 5 years.