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Family Time Turns Into A Nationally Featured Business

Dec 29th, 2011

What started as a way for the family of 10 to connect, milking goats and making soap, became a full-time business in 2008. Two years after opening, the business had become profitable and more than doubled in sales. They came to the Southeast ISBDC to get some strategic planning advice and started working on a strategically focused version of the business plan. After several meetings with the ISBDC, the Jonas family decided to expand the business.

The Southeast ISBDC provided market research, business planning guidance, financial analysis, loan assistance and even assisted the clients through some planning and zoning problems they had in mid-2011. Now, Goat Milk Stuff has been featured on the Today Show on NBC and will be featured in the January O Magazine for the Oprah network and is expanding into a new facility in Southern Indiana. With a new building expansion, they will move into a wholesale sales relationship with some existing customers worldwide. They also moved to exporting (less than 1% of sales) in 2011 to 10 different companies.

“The Southeast ISBDC was instrumental in helping us to focus our vision and ideas. With this help, we were able to sharpen our focus and develop a plan that we could present to financial institutions as we sought financing to build a soap facility that would meet our needs and the demand for our product.”

For more information please visit the Goat Milk Stuff website.

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