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Formstack Launches Build Indy 2013

Mar 13th, 2013

Build Indy

As an Indiana small business owner or employee, you understand the importance of networking to grow your brand, as well as the importance of finding effective, cost-saving solutions for your business. As an Indy business ourselves, we want to spread the word about how local cloud-based solutions can connect organizations within the city and grow small businesses as a whole. This is why Formstack launched Build Indy. Now until May 16, we will be promoting small business growth within the Indianapolis community. We’re doing this in a few ways: through a free half-day conference (that’s right, free. You’ll even get bagels and fruit.), through customer stories on our website and blog, and through a $5,000 grant we’re awarding to a local small business or nonprofit.

The Build Indy campaign was launched in an effort to create an ongoing dialogue among the Indianapolis small business community that includes a strong focus in cloud computing education. “The Cloud” has become a hot buzzword in the technology and small business industries. However, there are still many small business owners that are unsure of the ways cloud computing can help grow their companies. Through Build Indy, we hope to educate the small business community on the ways cloud-based services can streamline their work processes and save money. There seems to be a strong gap that can be filled in creating a healthy and non-intimidating discussion around tech resources for local small businesses, and we hope through the ongoing content, the free half-day conference on Wednesday, March 20, and the $5,000 giveaway, we can help support that cause.

Visitors to the Build Indy website can nominate a local small business or nonprofit to win $5,000, which can be used toward whatever the winner needs to grow his or her business. The winner of the grant will be decided by a panel of Indianapolis professionals and will be announced at the Build Indy concluding party on May 16. Join us at The Speak Easy as we reveal the grant winner and host a silent auction. However, you’ll need to nominate a winner before April 20 – that’s the deadline for the initial round of nominations.

Additionally, we’ll be hosting the “Collect, Engage, and Grow” Half-Day Conference, featuring three local small business leaders. The conference will be on Wednesday, March 20 from 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Launch Fishers, Indy’s newest co-working space. With three local small business leaders covering the importance of cloud computing for small businesses, you’ll have a chance to learn and connect with other professionals in the community. The conference is free, but we are capping registration at 50 people, so interested readers will need to register quickly.

To register for the event or nominate a local small business or nonprofit for the $5,000 award, visit formstack.com/buildindy. On the Build Indy page, we will also be highlighting Indy customers in a video series spanning the campaign. We’ll be posting several Indy use cases on the Formstack blog throughout the campaign, so let us know if you are a Formstack customer and interested in being featured.