Let’s Work Together

Frontline Logic, LLC

Jul 14th, 2010

Frontline Logic is a technology company that employs fourteen staff members focused on serving clients in technology areas associated with Content Management, Collaboration, Business Process Management, and Document Imaging.

Brent Seaman, managing partner, first visited the North Central Indiana SBDC in April 2004, seeking assistance with:
1) information on protecting intellectual property rights on products distributed into Europe
2) identifying the best way to send employees on extended overseas assignments as well as in hiring from outside the U.S.
3) developing a highly targeted marketing plan
4) general management advising
5) information regarding funding resources for education and training.
The North Central Indiana SBDC offered Brent counseling services, export assistance, market research resources, and funding options at the local, state, and federal levels. They also directed him to sources regarding employment of individuals outside of the U.S.

Sales revenues doubled twice in the last two years. Frontline Logic’s client base is predominately Fortune 1000 clients, state government, and federal government throughout the U.S. In 2007, Frontline had increased their employee size from 2 employees to 14 since initial contact with the SBDC in 2004.

“The type of assistance of the North Central Indiana SBDC has provided our company an option for research, market data, and information services that some small businesses would be at odds to afford otherwise. Through cooperation and support of our business activities from Mary Giangiordano and Susan Dripps, it is apparent that this SBA Agency cares about regional business success.” – Brent Seaman

Inside Indiana featured a company profile of Frontline Logic Company on 10/9/07. The complete story, as well as audio excerpts from Brent Seaman can be accessed by clicking here.