Hinton’s Pig Chips

Hinton’s Pig Chips creates artisan Hoosier-style chicarrones for hardcore carnivores, vegans, and even dogs. Nick Hinton founded Hinton’s Pig Chips in March 2017 to defy the limits for packaged snack foods with his high quality, local ingredients and unique recipe. Hinton’s Pig Chips have gained popularity in farmers markets, breweries, and local grocery and retail stores through the technical assistance of CISBDC. Like many new ventures, Hinton’s Pig Chips needed help with everything from business and growth plans, to outlets for seeking investments and loans. Through this operational and financial advice, Hinton’s Pig Chips is on their way to meeting sales goals at a more accelerated rate than expected, all while helping enhance and incite Indy’s growing foodpreneuer scene.


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