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HIP Link Program

Oct 26th, 2015

Brought to you by Indiana Family and Social Services Administration

The HIP Employer Benefit Link (HIP Link) program is Indiana’s new premium-assistance program that helps working, low-income Hoosiers afford the cost of their employer-sponsored health insurance plans.  HIP Link provides each member with an account to help pay for a portion of the member’s premium cost and out-of-pocket medical expenses (think copayments for doctor visits and deductibles).HIP 1

HIP Link not only provides a benefit for employees, but also provides many benefits to small/growing employers as well.  Employers may use HIP Link to attract and retain employees by offering them a unique, commercial health coverage option.   HIP Link may also help to enroll more employees onto the group health plan which could help employers meet plan participation requirements or lower the group premium rate.

Whether your business is small or large or has fully-insured or self-funded health plans, all are eligible to participate in HIP Link as long as they meet program benefits and affordability requirements. There are no costs associated to participate in the HIP Link program.  Applications can be made using the HIP Link online portal.

Employers utilizing the Small Business Health Options Program  (SHOP) Marketplace may also utilize HIP Link to offer another benefit avenue for their employees.  All plans sold on the SHOP are compliant with the program’s benefit requirements.  Some small businesses who offer health coverage through the SHOP marketplace may be eligible for a federal health care tax credit.

To learn more about the benefits and requirements of becoming a HIP Link employer, please visit HIP Link’s Frequently Asked Questions section on the program website, direct questions to Kayla.Hsu@fssa.in.gov or call 1-800-457-4584.