Helps small businesses recruit, hire, and onboard employees essential to your operations.


This year-round program connects eligible small businesses with Quintegra, an Indianapolis-based talent connection firm, to identify qualified candidates, provide screening and background checks, facilitate interviews and establish an onboarding process to ensure continued success of the employee.
Example positions include, but are not limited to:
programmers • general managers • accountants
export development managers • licensed therapists

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible, small businesses must meet the following criteria:
Be or become an Indiana SBDC client
Have the intent to hire within 30-60 days after entering the program
Hire a full time, W-2 employee
Position must be based in Indiana
Must not have previously participated in the program


Competitive applicants will lack a defined and effective hiring process and can demonstrate hiring challenges.
Applicants will be connected with their Indiana SBDC regional office for an initial meeting to confirm eligibility and walk through what to expect before their application is submitted for approval.
The program application is available here.
Interested companies can apply here.
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Questions? Contact the Indiana SBDC at 888.472.3244
or the regional office near you >