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Taking A New Approach to Information Technology

Oct 16th, 2016

social-mediaBrad Daugherty reached a turning point in his career as he approached his 37th birthday. He was working for an information technology company in Indianapolis at the time. He realized he either needed to focus on giving 100 percent to his employer or he needed to start his own business and approach IT in an entirely new way.

“I realized it was now or never,” he expressed. “There is never a right time. You can always plan and plan.”

Brad started out working with a partner, but after about six months he recognized that he and his partner had different visions for the company. He decided to branch out and start Hoola Technology.

Hoola Technology is a departure from typical managed services within IT, which sell hour blocks that companies may or may not use. Brad had a vision for another level of technology, where systems would actually be fixing themselves before there was an issue. He partnered with several people to create scripts and establish systems that self-heal.

“For example, your printer doesn’t work, but it’s an easy issue to fix,” Brad explained. “We get a ticket, log the ticket, and the system fixes the ticket. By the time you walk to your printer, it’s printing.”

Clients can still call Hoola Technology to fix issues that don’t resolve on their own. Brad then writes a new script and everyone benefits from the new resolution. He finds this approach allows him to spend more time with clients helping them determine the best path for their information technology.

Brad worked with Peggy Cenova and Tom Steiner of the East Central ISBDC throughout the process of establishing Hoola Technology. They helped him with advice about business planning, processes, and finding the right customers.

“Peggy and Tom have both been influential and helpful,” Brad shared. “They helped me identify my customer base and focus on what type of customer I wanted.”

In addition to the East Central ISBDC, Brad also found an area BNI networking group and The CO:LAB to be helpful resources. The CO:LAB is a co-working space in downtown Muncie which encourages collaboration and provides affordable workspace.

“My business continues to grow as I find clients that see my service as an added value, but I will be able to maintain it at The CO:LAB for quite some time, helping my overhead expenses stay in check.”

Brad welcomes the opportunity to talk with new clients. He takes a no-pressure approach to sales, and often invites them to coffee to see if they are the right fit.

“I’m happy to direct them to the right person or work with them to develop a system that fits their needs,” he said.

Contact Hoola Techology at (765) 233-2338 or visit www.hoolatech.com.