Hoosier Ombuddy: Tips to keeping your seasonal business successful

What’s your first thought when you think of seasonal businesses?

Is it the Christmas tree lot your family visits every year? What about the ice cream shop you visit on warm summer nights? My personal favorite is drive-in movie theaters.

Seasonal businesses are more than “money-makers” for their communities. They create the piney smell that lingers in the air during Christmas. They create your sticky, gooey hands from eating too much ice cream in a heat wave in July. They create the memories of our youth!

However, while these businesses warm our hearts with nostalgic memories, they deal with the same struggles as year-round operations—they are just handled a bit differently.

Some small businesses will be more directly influence by seasons than others. One issue is cash flow problems. Business and income bottoming out in the off-season isn’t easy to fix. However, there are ways you can manage your cash flow. Looking for tips and tricks? Follow these 21 Cash Flow Tips for Seasonal Businesses.

Hiring seasonal workers for your business can be a challenge, too. Which labor laws apply? Which benefits are required by law? What about taxes? These are things that business owners may not think about as they plan to hire extra help. The Small Business Administration (SBA) has a tremendously helpful document on the 5 Things to Know Now about Hiring Temporary or Seasonal Workers.

The path to success for seasonal businesses is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach.  It does take the art of careful planning, scheduling, and pacing yourself for the full calendar year. To find smart tactics entrepreneurs deploy for successful seasonal businesses, reference this article where three business owners discuss their successes.

These are just a few resources that I found available for seasonal businesses.

Did I miss something?

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