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How Start-up Businesses Can Be Better—Faster

Nov 16th, 2015


How can start-up businesses start faster? Hint: Find the right environment!

Here is a suggestion for start-up businesses to move forward faster: find an environment that eliminates isolation and connects you with like-minded people who will provide frequent, honest feedback.

One of the best options for innovators and entrepreneurs who are deciding where to locate a fledgling business is a co-working space.  These communal spaces allow start-ups and independents a low-cost, high interaction with like-minded people value proposition.

We all know that the world around us shapes our behavior.  If you live in an environment that that gives you constant feedback about your business model you’ll find continuous improvement to your work will be automatic. Beyond the honest feedback, co-working colleagues can provide friendship and built-in inspiration that will help to motivate you during the rough times.  Co-working colleagues are also knowledgeable about community resources, funding sources and where to find the best cup of coffee!

We’re fortunate to have a well appointed co-working space 2 floors away from our ISBDC office in Innovation Pointe called the Innovation Station.  The 1200 sq. ft. space is home to over 20 entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners, consultants and, creative people.    The Station, managed by Vanderburgh County’s Economic Development organization, the Growth Alliance, is in the heart of downtown Evansville and within walking distance to the City/County government offices, the Evansville Public Library and plenty of restaurants and regional business headquarters.

Because the Station has been so well received, the Growth Alliance has committed additional resources to launching a maker space in the building.   This space allows innovators, tinkerers and others who have outgrown their garage a space to build a prototype, experiment with design options, etc.  It’s also an extension of the important work that’s being done upstairs in the co-working space.

Hamdi Ulukaya, entrepreneur and owner/CEO of Chobani Yogurt said that “Entrepreneurship is seen as if you’re in Silicon Valley or New York City and starting an app business or social media business.  But, what we really need to focus on is people who make things and how we can fund them and how we can encourage people to stay in their community and make a difference in their community.”

We think that The Station Co-working space and Maker Station at Innovation Pointe provide a great foundation for entrepreneurs to stay in their community and make a difference and to move their business forward faster