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Impact Numbers for 2009

Aug 26th, 2009

Indiana’s Small Business Development Centers (ISBDCs) helped clients create an estimated 1,777 jobs; save 2,000 jobs; start 217 businesses; obtain $43 million in financing; and increase sales by $131 million in 2009.

15.41% of all pre-venture ISBDC clients started a business after receiving business counseling services in 2009.

The $43,202,251 in capital raised by ISBDC clients receiving ISBDC assistance suggests that each dollar expended on the ISBDC program was later leveraged by approximately $11.33 in new capital raised from external sources.

ISBDCs Help Grow the Economy—24/7

  • A new business is opened by an ISBDC client every …..2 days
  • 10 new jobs are created or retained by an ISBDC client every…..day
  • $37,000 in new sales are generated by ISBDC clients every…..hour
  • $145,700 in financing is obtained by ISBDC clients every…..day