Let’s Work Together

JAM Impressions

Apr 5th, 2011

Marsha Wulpi initially contacted the NE-ISBDC for assistance in obtaining WBE certification with the State, which she received in 2007. In January 2010, after attending a marketing roundtable facilitated by the NE-ISBDC, the business began working with the NE-ISBDC to develop and implement a strategic plan, create projections to improve her financial performance, increase her utilization and understanding of Quickbooks accounting software through coaching, and explore new market opportunities. 2010 became a year of change for the business, as it closed a retail location, changed legal structure, and purchased new state of the art direct-to-garment printing equipment to offer a permanent dye, environmentally-friendly printing option for customers.

As a result of ongoing counseling/coaching, the business has completed a strategic plan that provides a source of direction and focus for the owner; implemented a marketing plan that includes an electronic newsletter, Facebook and website to promote services; identified new targeted markets, including not for profits, schools, daycares, and realtors for its direct-to-garment printed products, and has significantly improved its financial performance by managing actual performance as compared to projections. This has resulted in the owner being able to understand the impact of changes in the business. The company is experiencing a measurable improvement in its operating margins and cash flow as a result. Ongoing coaching will be provided by the SBDC to the client to continue refinement and implementation of the strategic plan.