JCM Technology Solutions

Carl West and Melissa Offutt together own JCM Technology Solutions, a small business IT consulting cojcm_logompany located in New Albany, Indiana. JCM offers a wide variety of services such as: Digital Marketing, Business Communications, Infrastructure Services, Technical Consulting and more.

Carl worked in the technology field for 12 years before opening his own business. He managed IT infrastructure and data centers for an advertising agency in Louisville, Kentucky. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Melissa was involved in account management for an educational publishing company in Louisville, Kentucky.

Before opening JCM Tech Solutions, Carl and Melissa felt that there was a need for technological services in Southern Indiana. Before opening JCM, they were looking to leave the corporate world and become more involved in their community. Carl and Melissa decided to focus on local small business because they were more interested in working one on one with people and using their knowledge and skills to help those in their community.

Carl and Melissa are very passionate about their business, and Carl has enjoyed computers and technology as a hobby since he was a kid. They are passionate about helping business owners make sound, technical decisions.

Carl and Melissa enjoy so much about their business, but their favorite part of the business is being able to meet new people and help them overcome obstacles in their business. It was difficult for Carl to say what he enjoyed least about his business, but he came up with a pretty great answer. He said that he loves putting his skills to the test and working with technology, and the tasks that take him away from those things aren’t his favorite.

Carl and Melissa opened their business in June of 2012, six months after having a serious discussion about their vision. The Southeast ISBDC is proud to be JCM’s first client!  The business has been growing at a rapid pace and now sees over 100 clients. They have also hired five new employees. JCM Technology Solutions faced obstacles, like many businesses do, when starting out. Expanding the size of their business was a challenge because Carl and Melissa wanted to make sure all clients were served well. Taking on more clients and giving them quality services is an obstacle JCM is proud to have overcome.

Helping local business owners is important to Carl and Melissa. They are proud to provide their community with a company that helps business owners make good technology decisions to keep their businesses successfully running. Working with small, local business owners and helping them come up with solutions to their problems is an extremely rewarding part of the business.

Carl, who worked with Regional Director Blayr Barnard, has been a client of the Southeast ISBDC since 2012. Carl says that without the help of the ISBDC, his business wouldn’t be where it is today. He loves that when he has a question or concern, he will get an honest, helpful answer from Blayr who always helps him make smart decisions for his business.

“Carl made all of his business decisions with long-term results in mind. These strategic movements have let him grow his business quickly in a market that is racing forward,” Blayr says of Carl.

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