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Know, Like, and Trust

Jan 10th, 2013

Three simple words are all it takes to attract and keep a customer base.  Stop and think for a moment about your own purchasing choices of goods and services. From something as inexpensive as a haircut to a major purchase, knowing, liking and trusting the product and service holds an intangible value.  You will discover that many of your transactions take place with businesses that you Know, Like, and Trust. It only makes sense that you should follow and use these same principles and ideals that entice you to do business with one particular business compared to another.

With that in mind, here are three suggestions that will help you attract customers to Know, Like, and Trust your business.

Get customers to Know by sharing who you are:Audience

  • Target, “Expect More, Pay Less”
  • Bowman’s Bakery, “Best Cheesecakes in Indiana”
  • EC-ISBDC, “We help others do Business—Smarter”

Your business identity is not just a tag line but a view to how you treat your customers.  A unique identity also advertises your business and merchandises your products. You need to communicate who you are and where you come from in order for customers to get to know you and therefore feel a genuine affinity toward purchasing from you.

Understand why you Like one business over another.

Why do I like these three business entities?  I like Target because they offer products I need and at a price I think is fair. Their merchandise is displayed in an attractive, organized and convenient fashion.  Target has met my expectation of “Expect More, Pay Less.”

Bowman’s Bakery offers 65 different cheesecakes that delight and make it easy for me to buy a dessert for my family or as a special gift for others. Doing business with this home town favorite makes guests like me and my choices—and therefore makes me like the bakery.

EC-ISBDC strives to help our clients grow their businesses through proven technologies, resources and methodology. Working Smarter means you as a business owner, will have the tools and knowledge available to you to facilitate appropriate and prudent business decisions.

All relationships are built on Trust.

These three entities have built my Trust in the following ways:

Target’s return policy is very important to me, and Target has never let me down.  I’ve returned items, even without a receipt, and they have always offered me a reasonable refund or in-store credit.  I trust that what I buy there will be of stated value or can be easily returned.

Every cheesecake purchased from Bowman’s Bakery has been consistently good. I trust that with the bakery’s rich and local history that their finished product will always be good. Whether I’m buying my favorite chocolate, or my husband’s favorite peanut butter, their product will be as promised—the best in the state.

EC-ISBDC listens to their clients to first understand their needs and challenges. Through listening, the EC-ISBDC is able to help their clients develop the most efficient and effective ways to grow and build long term sustainability. Trust is built through confidentiality, consistently providing for the client’s needs, meeting deadlines, providing valuable information. The EC-ISBDC builds lasting relationships that help businesses in every stage of development.

Know, Like, and Trust should be the three most powerful words in your marketing efforts. If you can incorporate these three words into your company’s culture, you are on the right track to growing your business.