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Mad 4 My Dog LLC

Sep 4th, 2015

Large LogoMad 4 My Dog Training LLC is a dog training business dedicated to teaching people and the dogs they live with how to effectively communicate with one another so that they may live full and happy lives together.  Madalyn McKenney Moorman, has worked as a Pet Dog Training Instructor for over a decade and counting. She obtained her Certified Professional Dog Trainer title in March of 2004, and gained the higher level of Knowledge & Skills Assessed (CPDT-KSA) in 2012,  In 2012, she also became a Certified Presenter for Family Paws Program, specializing in parent education for families with dogs and babies or small children.  The Mad 4 My Dog passion is to teach people that dogs have a perspective too, and if we try to understand that perspective, we can communicate with them more effectively. It’s all about living together in the best way for everyone involved- human and canine alike!

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