Market Research

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Develop Prospect and Competitor Lists

How do you find your competitors or develop a business to business prospect list? Searching the Internet and yellow pages is tedious and time consuming. With our help, there is a better way. The Indiana Small Business Development Center (ISBDC) has access to ReferenceUSA, the world’s leading business database resource. ISBDC Business Advisors can help you develop an Excel or PDF list with contact names, addresses, phone numbers, and company information matching the criteria you select.

Researching Your Industry

The ISBDC has access to many nationally recognized market research databases. ISBDC Business Advisors can help you use these tools to locate accurate and relevant industry information. Find the information you need to know about your industry; including market trends, best practices, current conditions, industry leaders, and future industry-specific technology. Find out how your business income statement and balance sheet compare to businesses of the same size in the same industry using industry financial ratios. Research is compiled from local and national publications. Learn More (PDF)

B2C Market Research

Researching local market demographics can give your business insight on consumer buying behavior. Esri Business Analyst Online provides users the ability to access the same demographic profiles large corporations use when making marketing and site selection decisions. Grow your business with an accurate view of your market.

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Choose from more than 40 preformatted reports. Define your study area from geographies such as block group, census tract, or ZIP code. Reports give you detailed information by household or other user-defined categories that you can visualize as charts or in a dynamic thematic map. These reports are a must have for anyone developing a business plan. Learn More (PDF)