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New Power Solutions: Financial Savings Through Power Conditioning Technology in the Green Economy

Mar 14th, 2011

New Power Solutions is an LLC based in Bloomington, Indiana founded in January 2009. Their vision is to “reduce the environmental and financial impact of non-renewable resources through the use of innovative and cost effective technologies.”  They began working with the West Central ISBDC office in November of 2010 and have subsequently grown their employees by 200% and revenue by 300%.  The ISBDC has helped New Power in target market definition and sales lead generation while also connecting New Power to local business partners. New Power Solution’s Vairday technology, when coupled with some basic facility upgrades, improves the quality of the power received resulting on average a 10-20% reduction in electricity costs, 30% longer light bulb life, lower maintenance costs for all equipment, and increased peace of mind about electrical surges and spikes.